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India is expected to emerge as the world’s third-largest passenger-vehicle market by 2021. While it took India seven years to increase annual production to four million vehicles from three million, the next milestone—five million—is expected in less than five years.

Rapid urbanization means India will have over 500 million people living in cities by 2030—1.5 times the current US population. Rising incomes mean that roughly 60 million households could enter the consuming class by 2025. At the same time, more people will join the workforce. Participation could reach 67 percent in 2020, as more women and youth enter the job market, raising the demand for mobility.

Better roads and increasing surface connectivity has also resulted in the CV segment crossing one million sales mark for the first time in 2018.

The Ultra-light commercial vehicle segment grew at a fastest pace, posting a double digit growth in 2018.

This massive growth also means that an increasing number of vehicle owners are exiting warranty shelter.

With rising costs of vehicle acquisition and fuel, these owners are now faced with the onus of keeping their vehicle in the best operating capability.

Arkos is a brand that answers the needs of these owners.

With an illustrious lineage in petrochemicals and lubricants, Arkos is a complete range of auto consumables meant for demanding yet value conscious vehicle owners of today.

Arkos addresses the entire customer need spectrum from Lubricants and vehicle batteries, to tyres and polishes, with the proposition ‘Quality right – priced right’.

Confirming to the highest quality standards and with a service network designed to ensure customer delight, Arkos is the one stop solution for India’s needs of dependable mobility.

Welcome to the Arkos experience.